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I guard the borders of the civilized mind. Really. I do. I serve in the Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Force, and frequently I’m sent to patrol our national borders. Exhausting missions can push one’s consciousness to visions of the other side, the upside down, the void. My art can be entered, like Dracula’s castle, from outside the ordered realm, where apocalypse becomes the norm. The visitor will be welcomed into my own vision of weird-realism, where you should expect the black swan and assume that a serial killer lurks under the clown’s grin. What you will see, when liberated from the chains of the conceivable, will reveal the inconceivable horror. It’s that that I guard against.

2016. 07. 10 – 2019. 05
  • Doctor of Arts.
  • Vilnius Academy of Art
2008. 09. 20 – 2010. 11
  • Licentiate degree (02 M1).
  • Vilnius Academy of Art
2004 09 – 2006 06
  • MFA degree (painting).
  • Vilnius Academy of Art
1997 07 – 2001 07
  • BFA degree (painting)
  • Vilnius Academy of Art

Work Experience

European Humanities University
September 2018 – Present
Vilniaus dailės akademija | Vilnius Academy of Arts.
May 2011 – Present
Graphical designer
Company Name VSC
Dec 2007 – Jul 2009
Structural Designer
Company Name SCA Packaging
Apr 2002 – Feb 2006


2019. „Monstruarium“
VDA exhibition hall „Titanic“
2017. „Terramorphis“
„Meno nisa“ gallery, Vilnius.
2016. „All Dead’s Day“.
A. Mickiewicz museum, Vilnius
2014. „Island“.
„Meno nisa“ gallery, Vilnius.
2012. „Constatation“ „Akademija“ gallery, Vilnius.
2012. „Dead Rock Star“ „Meno nisa“ gallery, Vilnius.
2011. “Neuschwabenland!” Klaipeda Center for Cultuiral Communications. Klaipeda.
2010. “Neuschwabenland!” Totorių str. gallery. Vilnius.
2008 „P.O.S.T“, „Meno parkas“ gallery, Kaunas.
2008 “Transflat” „Hobusepea” gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
1996 Paintings „Užupio galera“, Vilnius.

Selected group shows:

2017. „I WAS BORN IN A COUNTRY THAT NO LONGER EXISTS“, Duisburg city archyve.
2017. „Khôra. From Gdansk to Vilnius /
from Vilnius to Gdansk“,Akademia Sztuk
Pięknych w Gdańsku
Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdansk.
2013. “Eurostandards” Gallery “Titanic”, Vilnius.
2013. “Eurostandards” Gallery “101”, Kaunas
2011. JEK, Klaipeda Center for Cultuiral Communications. Klaipeda.
2010. The mimicry and camouflage of the landscape. Arka” gallery. “Vilnius
2010. OSTRALE ‘010. Dresden, Germany.
2010. “States of Anxiety”. “Cech” gallery, Kiyv, Ukraine..
2009. “States of Anxiety” Arka” gallery. “Vilnius.
2009. INDG5, Vilnius
2009. “Radar” Warsaw.
2008. INDG4, Vilnius
2008. Elephant Bullet. KuMu, Tallinn.
2008 Ad New. Bydgoscz , Katowice, Olsztyn, Klaipeda, Kaunas.
2007. Panevezys Art Gallery, “Alternative”
2007. “St. John’s Street Gallery” “Last Lithuanian Art Exhibition”.
2007. Kaunas Painting Gallery. “Kovikavi”
2007. Tallinn, “Vaal” gallery. “Fresh Paint”.
2006. Klaipeda’s Concerts Hall. “Alternative”.
2006. Typography of Arts. “Shout or shoot – no escape”.
2006. St. John’s Gallery. “Self-Subjects”.
2006. CAC/ Kaunas Painting Gallery. “101, 3 km.”
2006. Typography of Arts “My home – art’s home”
2006. „Vartai“gallery. Exhibition „Double Games“.
1999. Uzupis, “AR Mada”, installation „Dedication for „Titanic“.
1999. “Academia” gallery. Exhibition “Self-portraits. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture. Drawings. Photos”.